Reading List

“Today, historical consciousness as it relates to environmental issues means realising, above all else, that the current economic system is utterly unlike anything that has ever existed before in history: in a single year, this economy burns and vents into the atmosphere fossil fuels that took a million years to create, without comprehending – let alone managing – the full consequences of these processes. The origin of this great turning point is already found in the transition to the age of coal. Yet the full unleashing of the unsustainable economy did not occur until the twentieth century; in fact, much of it has taken place so recently that this period has yet to take on clear contours of historical scholarship”.

Joachim Radkau

The following is a list of key readings on history, historical theory and anthropogenic climate change


Weart, S., The Discovery of Global Warming


Chakrabarty, D., ‘The Climate of History: Four Theses’, Eurozine (2009)

Corfield, P., ‘Climate Reds: Responding to Global Warming with Relative Optimism’, Personal Website, (2011)

Levene, M., ‘Climate Blues: Or How Awareness of the Human End Might Re-instil Ethical Purpose to the Writing of History’, Environmental Humanities (2013)